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Reviews of Tumbuka Histories

One of the biggest weaknesses for hundreds of years as Zambians is that we never developed written records or the archival tradition. This review highlights two books that can serve as a blueprint to preserve our history for the future … read more

Macona cover

Book Review of Machona

Why and how did the Machona leave their villages? Where did they walk for months in the dangerous savannah wilderness? Read this book to find the positive and negative impact of this migration. Yizenge Chondoka, Machona: Returned Labor Migrants and … read more


Review of “Love in Black and White”

In the long history of vicious and often deadly racism directed towards blacks by whites, the most hated, despised, anxiety-provoking real or imagined incident was that of sexual intercourse between a white woman and a black man. Whether in colonial … read more


Welcome to Hunger for Culture!

Welcome to the Hunger for Culture website.  Here you will find information about Zambian lifestyle, written from the viewpoint of a native Zambian who now lives and teaches in a small college town in Virginia.  The importance he places on … read more