The Beauty of the Natural World

The natural world in all the tropical areas of the world has some of the most fascinating animals, plants, insects, and the large variety of creatures both large and small. Savannah Zambia in Southern Africa is different in that during the dry hot season, the grass turns brown and the earth turns brown and dusty. Most of the plants and small creatures go into hibernation, plant seeds become dormant, and many creatures simply hide.  All of this changes when the first rains fall in November. Suddenly there is an explosion of life as grass germinates, trees grow green leaves, all kinds of creatures and plants come to life. It is one of the most beautiful times of the year. When I visited the village in December 2011, I took many tours of nature. My two small nephews in the village tagged along some of the times as I went around in the bushes around the village to admire the many plants and insects that crawled around. The insects have been given the Tumbuka name and the generic English name.


chidodo Chidodo chobilibila – unknown

kaciwaiaKaciwala kadoko – Small Grasshopper



Nat6ChenjeziDragonflyChenjezi – Dragon Fly

Gulugufe butterflyBulaula or Gulugufe – Butterfly

ChiwalaGrasshopperChiwala chamabanga Many Colored Grasshopper

Mango branchMango zakupya na zibisi – Ripe and unripe mangoes

ChibabviChibabvi – unknown

green bananasNthoci zibisi – Green bananas

young boysMy Young Nephews

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